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Siilifolk 2019 – Meejän iänillä

Launched in 2008, Siilifolk nowadays holds the title of the largest festival of folk arts in eastern Finland. In 2019, the six day long festival takes place between 15th and 20th of July at the immediate centrum of Siilinjärvi city.

In 2018 festival an audience of circa 12,500 participated; the goal this year is to surpass these numbers.

The theme of Siilifolk 2019 is called ’meejän iänellä’ (savonian dialect for ”with our own voices”). The origins of the festival were heavily based on the idea of offering a place and time for folk musicians, dancers and singers -among all other folkculture enthusiasts and performers- to show their skills and performances publicly.

These ideals are still at the very core of the festival, but Siilifolk also takes pride to get great professional performers from both across Finland’s folk music scene and abroad to Siilinjärvi every summer.

Once again Siilifolk begins on monday with ’Savolainen alotus’ (The Savonian Start), where especially local musicians, dancers and singers are in the spotlight. The main event this year is a large concert by dozens of local performers; based on traditional savonian folk music and written by author Antti Heikkinen.

The second day holds a great deal of choirs and program for children and families. Also, the first church concert of the week takes place on tuesday as a brand new, folk music based opus ’Savolainen messu’ (A Savonian Mass), written and arranged by Antti-J. Janka-Murros, is brought to Siilinjärvi Church with folk music orchestra and choir of nearly 100 performers.

On wednesday, old and new folk music is heard galore, as both local traditional musicians and younger generation of folk singers take the stage. Also, the popular Siilifolk Accordion Concert will be heard on wednesday evening with special guest stars Anatoly Taran from Belarus and Master Pelimanni (a word meaning finnish traditional musician) Katja Lampinen.

During thursday the 18th some great specialties are served as musicians from Savo and Kaustinen get together. After this the audience gets to enjoy the shows of legendary finnish folk music band Tallari and internationally acclaimed new world music group Okra Playground.

On friday Siilifolk proudly presents Dallapé: a Finnish entertainment orchestra based in Helsinki since 1925, has played a significant role in Finnish cultural history. In the early years Dallapé’s personal take on music was strongly influenced by western rhythm and swing music but the melancholic Slavonic motives were always present, too.

For the last day of Siilifolk 2019, saturday the 20th, a good set of both traditional and contemporary performers shall surely have something for everyone. The day culminates with popular finnish artist Irina, brought to Siilifolk in collaboration with YARA Siilinjärvi, as a part of their 50th anniversary festivities.

As in earlier years, the festival week hosts almost 500 performers: musicians, dancers, actors etc. Much of the festival organisation lies on the wide shoulders of hundreds of volunteer workers. All programs during daytime (10 am – 4 pm) are free of charge and the evening shows have quite a modest fee.

For more information: 

Festival manager Liisa Väätäinen 040 – 588 8230

Festival producer Anna Janka-Murros 044 – 576 0720

Festival producer Antti Janka-Murros 045 – 125 1283




Siilifolk 2018:

Savo meets Karelia

Tykkeet kuitennii! (You’ll love it anyway!)

That’s the slogan of Siilifolk 2018 and what’s not to love? This year the trickstering nature of Savonia people gets mixed with a good dose of karelian cheerfulness.
That’s because Karjalainen Nuorisoliitto (The Karelian Youth Union) is having their own tribal meeting ”Suguvastuvundu” 2018 in cooperation with Siilifolk, and more:
The ultimate world music ambassadors of Finland, the Karelia-based Värttinä is headlining the 2018 festival – featuring Paleface, one of Finland’s most successful rap/hip-hop-artist!

On the summer festival schedule the 6-day long Siilifolk is taking place right after Kaustinen Folk Music Festival on July. The 11th annual festival starts on monday 16.7. ja continues all the way until saturday 21.7. The majority of performances take place inside the gigantic festival tent ”The White Gazebo”.

Siilifolk is holding up as the main summer event of Siilinjärvi.
During the six-day festival more than 400 different musicians, dancers, singers and other artists will perform. And most of the work behind the scenes is once again the result of more than 100 volunteer workers.
The nice location in the middle of Siilinjärvi, a county of 22,000 residents sets the amount of estimated visitors during the festival week into 10,000.

The most up-to-date news and other information you’ll find at

Siilifolk warmly invites everybody to sing and play with others – but you can naturally just stop, look and listen. Welcome!



Archive: Siilifolk 2017 – Ten years, ten points!

Siilifolk: ten points! Now there’s something we can proudly say about Siilifolk 2017 – even in advance. The largest folk music festival of eastern Finland is going to celebrate its 10-year anniversary with performers as great as ever! Being an officially approved ”Suomi100”- event, Siilifolk will also play its part in Finland’s 100-year independency celebrations. 

A brand new, huge festival tent will be built to the center of Siilinjärvi, right next to the market square. There, prepared to be protected from both rain as from scorching heat of summer, one can enjoy music, song, dance and other forms of folk arts from early morning to late evening, every day.
In 2017, Siilifolk is rescheduled to start two weeks later than before. The festival used to take place before the biggest folk music festival of Finland, Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, but this year, we’re going to take off immediately after it.
Siilifolk 2017 begins on Monday 17.7., with the best the Savonia region has to offer and ends on Saturday 22.7., with great performances of several choirs and other musicians. Dozens of groups and hundreds of performers will ensure that every day is filled with good music, great dancing and joyful atmosphere for everyone.

The legendary ethnomusic group Piirpauke, faved and absolutely entertaining Agents & Vesa Haaja, heavily popular singer-songwriter Jarkko Martikainen and the classy ambassadors of elder schlager music, T for Three – that’s just a few selected picks of the week.
Being located in Savonia, the core of Finnish humour, laughter and amusement shall naturally be guaranteed for all. Monday night, which is led by the most popular Savonian entertainer Antti Heikkinen and dedicated to Jaakko Teppo, a living legend of Finnish comedy music, is something worth waiting for. Also, colourful and skillful folk dance performances will be brought from Finland and abroad.
In the middle of the festival glee, one can also take moments of calm. The church concert of Kreeta-Maria Kentala, the recent winner of the valued Emma award of classical music, will surely be one of the most delicate moments of Siilifolk, and during the popular folk music service the whole tent shall be hearing a sermon and sing spiritual songs.
The daily programs for the festival week can be found in You are most welcome to join in and learn at least one word in Savonian: ”Naatitaan!” Please, let’s enjoy!

So: Naatitaan! See you at Siilifolk!

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